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uniHere’s another curio from my trip to LA — uni soup during the HKSA Foundation dinner at the Bonaventure.  I find it rather interesting that the wikipedia page on sea urchins mentions that “sea urchins are harvested and served as a delicacy” but declines to elaborate any further gastronomically.  Anyways, apparently they’re in the Echinoidea class of critters, which also includes sand dollars (saw these at Monterey Bay and was tickled pink), sea biscuits (really — sea biscuits?!!) and heart urchins!


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dinner party

I had lovely guests over yesterday evening for a cheery dinner on the balcony to take advantage of the balmy summer weather. I picked up some fresh produce and flowers at the Pleasanton Farmers’ Market and from Whole Foods, and cooked leisurely through the late afternoon. It was actually a bit of an adventure, being that I developed a sudden hankering for Israeli couscous a few days ago. So we ended up with lamb chops, a tossed baby spinach salad, plus a roasted tomato couscous I adapted from Smitten Kitchen.

Now here’s the funny thing — I don’t really like eating salads that much (or at all, unless I have to). But I looooove making them, so I get a kick out of having guests over in order to have someone to enjoy the ensuing creations! I started by making my own wheat-bread croutons … details on these, the salad, and the lamb to follow!

-amble on for recipes!>

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