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uniHere’s another curio from my trip to LA — uni soup during the HKSA Foundation dinner at the Bonaventure. ¬†I find it rather interesting that the wikipedia page on sea urchins mentions that “sea urchins are harvested and served as a delicacy” but declines to elaborate any further gastronomically. ¬†Anyways, apparently they’re in the Echinoidea class of critters, which also includes sand dollars (saw these at Monterey Bay and was tickled pink), sea biscuits (really — sea biscuits?!!) and heart urchins!


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dinner party

I had lovely guests over yesterday evening for a cheery dinner on the balcony to take advantage of the balmy summer weather. I picked up some fresh produce and flowers at the Pleasanton Farmers’ Market and from Whole Foods, and cooked leisurely through the late afternoon. It was actually a bit of an adventure, being that I developed a sudden hankering for Israeli couscous a few days ago. So we ended up with lamb chops, a tossed baby spinach salad, plus a roasted tomato couscous I adapted from Smitten Kitchen.

Now here’s the funny thing — I don’t really like eating salads that much (or at all, unless I have to). But I looooove making them, so I get a kick out of having guests over in order to have someone to enjoy the ensuing creations! I started by making my own wheat-bread croutons … details on these, the salad, and the lamb to follow!

-amble on for recipes!>

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