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duck, duck…

Watched these charming duckies busy diving to the bottom of their pond this afternoon. So cute!


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hummingbirds & strawberries

After spending the early afternoon under a tree at one of my neighborhood coffeeshops, I went to a gallery event showcasing Afro Celotto’s Murano glasswork.  The glass was beautiful — and whimsical at times, which was a delight — but my favorite discovery was a small painting (aptly named called “Hummers”) of these two lovely creatures.

Later, since this weekend had me back on bake fiend mode and Trader Joe’s had some great strawberries, I spent a few hours baking a strawberry pie (which Mommy has been making me since before I can recall), eating fresh strawberries and cream on the balcony, and leisurely reading the Sunday paper.


amble on for the pie recipe!

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This afternoon, as I was walking back with groceries from the farmers’ market, I spied these visitors across the way in the gardens.  There were four or five babies trailing their mother, picking through the grass and at little pools of water.  I left all my parcels and things on the steps and spent a good ten minutes quietly following them around.




Luckily, the fresh flowers I got at the market, which waited so patiently as I spent the afternoon holed up in a cafe, were able to wait a little longer for their water!

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The publishers’ note in the last pages of Delights & Shadows, which is put out by Copper Canyon Press, is so lovely and inspiring — in particular, its ultimate phrase. Here it is in full:

The Chinese character for poetry is made up of two parts: “word” and “temple.”  It also serves as pressmark for Copper Canyon Press.  Founded in 1972, Copper Canyon Press remains dedicated to publishing poetry exclusively, from Nobel laureates to new and emerging authors.  The Press thrives with the generous patronage of readers, writers, booksellers, librarians, teachers, students, and funders — everyone who shares the conviction that poetry invigorates the language and sharpens our appreciation of the world.

Bolded typeface inserted by yours truly.

amble on for another lovely little poem!

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early bird

Yesterday evening I curled up — happily under covers and the little light from my bedside lamp — to peek through some more of Ted Kooser’s Delights & Shadows.  The collection was a gift from my seventh grade English teacher and his wife when I had lunch with them in Honolulu in the spring, and I’ve been slowly getting to know it since.  Nearly all his poems (more of which will probably make their appearance here) have that clear, crisp, vivid writing that I love, but last night I discovered The Early Bird, which is the most striking thus far and kept me turning back to reread its thirteen lines.

amble along to read the poem!

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