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One of my favorite moments every morning is making my first cup of tea. Not only is having tea (especially with toast or thick-sliced raisin bread or other breakfast delights) a happy treat, but making tea — choosing tea leaves, pouring rushing hot water, steeping the leaves, inhaling the steam — is a soothing, centering ritual.  I actually spent quite some time picking out my teacup, and when I finally found it (at Anthro) I knew it was the perfect thing to reliably brighten my day a little bit.  In fact, I bought two of these cups … so that when this first one inevitably meets its end, there’ll be another to step up to the plate!

The tea I’ve been drinking lately is chrysanthemum tea; it blooms back into these pretty blossoms as it steeps.  Amusingly, I had a strong dislike for this tea (which is lauded for its health properties in Chinese herbal medicine) when I was young, but have taken to it in the last few years, and am now enjoying a good stash that my mother hand-carried back for me when we went to Shanghai in June. 

*Note: If you brew chrysanthemum tea, take care to rinse the dried blooms in hot water once or twice before steeping.


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One of my latest acquisitions from Anthro is a set of these brass paperweights which have been tickling my fancy for awhile now! But memorializing my initials in brass seemed so predictable … and staid.  So I went with the inkling of mischief that had bubbled into mind every time I saw these, and now Messrs. Q, E and D (quod erat demonstratum) hold court on my desk.

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