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Cleaning out my desk today, I came upon a stack of poems printed on loose sheets that had slipped under the paper I used to line a drawer.  They aren’t old favorites, so I feel like I’m discovering them again for the first time.  Here’s one of the more delightful.



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arts & crafts

Got on a creative bent today and repurposed a decently sized stack of old magazines into small display blocks…end tables…pedestals…whatever you want to call them.  It’s a “united we stand” sort of deal: lots of pages together make for structural integrity.  The whole fiasco required, surprisingly, a far lower percentage of my magazine stash than I’d thought (read: hoped).  Regardless — yay for green fun!

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via con me

I confess to having an iTunes playlist designed specifically for music which I listen to while cooking (and sometimes also while enjoying the results on the balcony). One of my absolute favorites on this list is this litte song by Paolo Conte, an Italian singer who actually began his musical career as a vibraphone player.

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