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Happy new year indeed. I recently started using the glass quill and petit inkwell that the lovely Y.S. and A.L. brought me from Italy awhile back. The quill is utter brilliance — small fissures spiral around to converge at the tip, so that no matter how energetically you dunk it in, the ink flows in steady rivulets for a smooth, decidedly non-blotty line. The design also leaves you having to dip less frequenly, since the aforementioned fissures also hold some ink in reserve.

In any case, I was writing on night and upset the little inkwell, making a big black puddle on the coffee table. Fortunately, it was only a small fraction, and I was able to salvage some more using a straw (probably, if I recall correctly, because plastic and ink are slightly attractive chemically?), though I was still able to write from the remaining puddle the rest of the night. Regardless, the running-out-of-ink concept dawned, and I scrounged around for any and all places that might carry inkwells (not exactly popular nowadays, it seems), and gathered this lovely collection from a musty dusty box that the Paper Source clerks on Fillmore unearthed from some forgotten corner.

Oh, and the title comes from Lord Byron: “Words are things, and a small drop of ink, falling like dew upon a thought, produces that which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.”


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…was the slogan that IBM used in its early print ads for electric typewriters.  Watching the opening scenes of Atonement last week stoked my type fetish and I got my typewriter (a 1939 Royal Portable) back out from the shelves beneath my iMac — a odd juxtaposition, I know.  Have been typing letters at an industrious clip since, then caught it in this great slant of light when I had it out to type a birthday card during lunch.  Lovely!

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more floral delights

I discovered that the roses are oh-so-fragrant, and brought some to the office where they’re  busy cheering up my desk. Meanwhile, I shook off lots of pretty petals today while cutting stems, and collected them into a ceramic dish with a little water. So much fun — and what pleasure!

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Finding lots of lovely flowers yesterday morning had me busy repurposing a bottle of house-made wine (courtesy of one of my dinner guests last month) and then my college stein into impromptu vases. An apartment filled with flowers: what delight!  That said, I’ve been trying to find someplace (anyplace!) nearby that sells peonies…to no avail. I thought at some point during the spring or summer they’d come into season and I’d see them at the farmers market, but no luck so far!

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sandy sweetness

Growing up in Hawai’i makes for a healthy familiarity with homesickness and a tendency for my mind to wander to such thoughts as the rush of sand between my toes, the brisk smell of the surf, and the sweet, light, breezy air.  Now there’s one more way to get a small fix of home: Lush’s sandstone soap, which puts a thick layer of sand on top of lovely, fresh-citrus-fragrant soap made with coconut oil and gardenia extract, as well as rapeseed, sunflower, coriander, and litsea cubeba oils.  I brought a block back with me to further brighten bathtime.

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One of my latest acquisitions from Anthro is a set of these brass paperweights which have been tickling my fancy for awhile now! But memorializing my initials in brass seemed so predictable … and staid.  So I went with the inkling of mischief that had bubbled into mind every time I saw these, and now Messrs. Q, E and D (quod erat demonstratum) hold court on my desk.

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